Changeset [b8bc58d842e4fc7cfee21a43168077bbef827c3f] by Jason Garber

July 11th, 2008 @ 08:27 AM

Strip carriage returns and deal only with linefeeds

Carriage returns before linefeeds are a problem. The easiest solution is to strip them out before parsing. RedCloth 3 doesn't preserve them either, so it must be okay with users. Plus, it makes the output more predictable and standardized.

[#11 state:resolved]

[#14 state:resolved]

Committed by Jason Garber

  • M ext/redcloth_scan/redcloth_common.rl
  • M ext/redcloth_scan/redcloth_inline.rl
  • M ext/redcloth_scan/redcloth_scan.rl
  • M test/table.yml
  • M test/test_parser.rb
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